About shop

About shop

Our shop provides quality flash products for use in a 3D-worlds of Utherverse. The products are made taking into account the specifics of the flash in the game world. Do not cause freezes, lags. Also, if you want to use the flash with a transparent background, the animation is not shadow-effect. Each product can be tested in the game world, for that each item has a try-link.



We work in all time zones of 3D-Worlds - from Canada to Russia.


How to find us

Showrooms in Utherverse/RLC:



The users of the Russian version LoveCity3D can send a message to the employee
store at the following link:: kralex

Utherverse / RLC users can send messages to the following links: Danchello_RD kralex_design

SecretCity users can send messages to the following links: DM_DESIGN kralex_design