To check our Flash products please kindly use the "Сatalogue" provided (see block at the left side of this window). Select the chosen product and press "Add to cart" button. To order more than one product click to the product required and press "Add to cart" button again. To complete your order go to the shopping-cart (press 'Go to cart' button), select the delivery method from the drop down menu and click "Proceed to checkout'. In new window select your 3D-World from drop down menu, provide your current E-mail address and correct 3D-World 'Nickname'.  It is very important to provide correct E-mail address and 3D-World 'Nickname' or it will be impossible to deliver your order. If there are additional options required (options in the product description), add these in the comments field and click "Proceed to checkout". Your payment is conducted via play money transaction into the account provided. We will trace the transaction from your 3D-World nickname and as soon as the money received we will deliver your order (working links to the ordered product) via the message to your profile with the copy to your E-mail.
We are providing the client with the personal link for the product ordered. The client could use these links in his/her localisations but will not allowed to transfer the product to other individuals. If the ordered product is transferred to the other person we are retaining the right to delete the order without any monetary or other compensation. Every product has its embedded protection against copy into the other server and only works from our shop servers.  Please be aware that in our Catalogue you will find our products examples only. To prevent unauthorised use these examples are permanently marked with the running "example" line. 
If there any issues with the ordered product (lags, not working radio player, radio stations do not switch properly, etc.) we guarantee the repair of all problems within 24 hours. Please kindly report any problems with your product by pressing "Contacts" and describe the issue. You can also report the issue to our On-line consult via Skype or through the "Consultant" block.

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